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Benefits of Using 99.99% Pure Copper Wire


Copper captivates the modern world; it is because of its infinite recyclable properties. It has a complete hold either on the cooperate sector or for domestic usage, from electric generation to the power supply to homes copper is everywhere. Bare copper is the 99.99 % pure copper used in wires for its 100 % conductivity, the most essential part on earth has become a necessary part of our daily lives.

Pure copper wires assure 100% conductivity

Copper is the supreme conductor of electricity after silver and is extensively used all over the world to manufacture electrical appliances by meeting satisfactory levels. It also assures high thermal conductivity and resistance to corrosion. This makes the metal hard-wearing for a longer period even at extreme settings. Furthermore, copper also has ductility and malleability properties which make it flexible and twistable to get into any shape and size. Copper wires are obtainable in the following forms as per the requirement

  • Flexible
  • Stranded
  • Solid

Here are a few impeccable benefits of pure copper wires.

  • Pure copper wire is highly heat resistant and works well in extreme environmental settings.
  • After silver, copper wires give 100 % conductivity that made it prevalent in the electrical industry.
  • Heavy electrical operations require huge loads of electricity and pure copper wire fixes without being damaged.
  • Copper wire is well-comprised of ductility and malleability, that’s why it easily gets into any shape and size. It can be easily made thinner than a single strand of human hair. Its twisting and bending quality make the metal globally popular.
  • Pure copper wire is more expensive than silver (a.k.a. aluminum), but because of it’s efficiency in conductivity, it is extensively used in diversity. For instance, it is used in industries like telecom companies, marine, electrical, and manufacturing.
  • Copper wire is supple and holds high electrical and thermal conductivity.
  • Copper wire is 100% safe and reliable for all types of electrical practice.
  • The melting point of copper wire is very high, it can withstand continuous at high temperature without getting melted. The said property is money and lifesaver.
  • Pure copper wire is more durable and long-lasting than other metal wires.
  • It does not become slack with use and time. It requires the least repair without creating unnecessary problems.
  • Pure copper wire is always compatible with in-home usage.
  • Electrical appliances use copper wire, so it is obligatory to use pure copper wire for home wiring. Else, it could lead to lethal accidents if other metal wire is used as wiring.
  • The copper wire does not tear off in high humidity and wet conditions. Its corrosion-resistant property makes it highly demanded.

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