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How to Prevent Short Circuits?

An electrical accident is called a short circuit and it can be destructive to your electrical system. Moreover, short circuits can cause serious damage to your tangible and intangible assets.

Why short circuits occurred?

Short circuits befell when a low-resistance path is not appropriate to carry electricity receives a high-volume electrical current. In simple language, short circuits happen when a hot wire touches a discordant conductive object.

The result of a short circuit

The short circuit can damage an electrical appliance, electrical shock, or even can cause combustions. So, it is necessary to take preventive steps to avoid a hazardous situation.

Here are a few steps which can be helpful to avert short circuits

Proper Check of Outlets Before Use

An outlet is a box at the back which is attached with wires. The common possible causes of a short circuit are

  • An old/aged outlet
  • Loose box connections
  • Defective wiring

Identifying the actual defect can be puzzling and problematic. Though they are hidden behind your walls what you can do is to keep a proper timely examination of your outlets. Constant inspection can specify certain signs that the outlet is may be at risk of a short circuit.

  • Burning smell
  • Burn marks on the wall or outlet
  • Cracking or buzzing sound coming from the outlet
  • Sparking from outlet
  • Overaged outlet (15-25 years old)

If any of these signs appear, it would be suggested to stop using the particular outlet and contact Nafees Cables to opt for precautionary measures.

Check Appliances Before Use

Electrical appliances are also needed to be monitored before getting them plugged. Short circuits can occur of a wrong circuitry from the appliance itself. It is professionally recommended to examine the electrical appliance on these signs:

  • Scratched wire and casing
  • Damaged cords
  • Unusual cracks in the appliance
  • The appliance has visible circuitry

If you observe any of these signs, you have only two options either disposing of or having a qualified repair of the appliance.

Avoid Electrical Usage During Storms

The most common and dangerous way of short circuits is a lightning strike. Unusually low or high voltage can bring unimaginable serious damage. It is suggested to abstain from excessive electrical usage during a lightning storm. It will diminish the chances of possible damage in case of a power surge occurs.

Basic Circuit Breaker Maintenance is a wise option

The electrical system has its protection system against short circuits, that are its circuit breakers. These tiny gears safeguard against perilous situations. They are located in the electrical panel. Circuit breakers are shut off when unstable electrical currents are deemed to flow in electrical wires.

It is suggested that make a practice to perform basic circuit breaker maintenance guidelines to help confirm their function.

Here are a few tips that actually work.

  • The circuit breaker should not have shown any sign of a crack, damage or lose fittings
  • Clean any dirt with a dry cloth located on the breaker

If you would like to better keep your circuit breakers using professional assistance, feel comfortable to contact Nafees Cables for your circuit breaker services.

Schedule an Electrical Inspection (at Least Once a Year)

An electrical inspection is as essential as a doctor’s appointment required for a sick fellow, and it should be scheduled at least once a year. Only a skilled person can examine your electric system and Nafees Cables is privileged in the respective field. Timely pinpointed flaws avert short circuits beforehand. Nafees Cables are proficient for electrical inspection, proper circuitry monitoring, and cost-effective solutions. Schedule one today!

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