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Consequences of Uncovered Junction Boxes

Junction boxes are enclosures usually made of metal or plastic used as housing for wiring connections. Heat is generated due to the twisted wires in which connection causes resistance to the flow of electricity. It is important to cover an electrical junction box regardless of its location.

Why the junction box should be covered?

The only answer to the question is “safety”. The junction box should be covered because it houses the splices where wires are connected. A negligent touch could inadvertently damage the wires or get a shock. A missing junction box cover can be perilous because it acts like a shield that protects the wires from unintentional human contact. The junction box is usually located at the acquainted place where you tend to be less careful, and the uncovered junction box could be dicey. Moreover, a covered junction box is a line of defense against the blowout of electrical fires generated by heat.

Down there are possible consequences that can be faced with uncovered junction boxes.

  • Uncovered junction boxes can outspread accidental fire.
  • Electrical panels and breaker plates are at high risk if junction boxes are not covered with plastic or metal covering.
  • Junction boxes having damaged, cracked, or whittled covering should be immediately replaced because bared wires can be life-threatening.
  • Revealed junction boxes increase the potential of electrical shock by young children and adults, and it would be a rational decision to keep it covered.
  • Electrical boxes protect wire connections and safeguard people and property. Uncovered junction boxes lead to spread heat and sparks or short circuits.
  • Right-sized junction boxes are obligatory to give a proper shield against catastrophe.
  • Tightly crammed wiring escalates the risk of short circuits. That is why you should follow box sizes specified by Nafees Cables.
  • Uncovered junction boxes expose combustible wall material and extend the chances of stray sparks or heat igniting over the surface.
  • When junction boxes are not covered electrical faults become dangerous. Vulnerable cables are extremely unsafe.
  • Wires are secured with clamps to prevent strained connections, for this approved cable clamps are suggested unless metal junction boxes will damage wiring because of its sharp edges. Nafees Cables is proficient for electrical inspection and to replace broken covering of junction boxes.
  • Loose fittings increase the risk of short circuits, and it is one of the most hazardous consequences of uncovered junction boxes.

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