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What is “LSZH Cable”?

Electrical Cables are not supposed to cause a fire. If they do then the problem persists somewhere in the equipment or property. When PVC explodes, it releases life-threatening gases and people are asked to evacuate the affected toxic area immediately. Hence, Nafees Cables recommend the use of Low Smoke Halogen Free Cables, though, our inspection team inferences on inspection to guide you well.

Suggested places where Low Smoke-LSZH Cables should be used

Public places like shopping malls, airports, and mass transit transport are the most suggested places where Low Smoke Halogen Free Cables are to be used.

Characteristics of Low Smoke Halogen Free Cables

Following are a few characteristics of highly demanded Low Smoke – LSZH Cables

Fire Retardant Cables

These are also called fire survival cables and are relatively low cost. The pro of this type of electrical wiring is, in case of fire, it will be confined to a small area. Fire hazard is reduced due to fire propagation.

Low Smoke And Fume Fire Retardant Cables (LSF)

Low Smoke – LSZH Cables release low smoke and fume during a fire hazard. Moreover, PVC Compounds after the inclusion of smoke suppressant and flame retardant additives halt smoke to spread and suffocate the area, but it is not Halogen free.

Low Smoke Zero Halogen Fire Retardant (LSZH)

 LSZH cables performed well on fire attack but also comprised of Halogen-free properties, thus aids low corrosivity and noxiousness. When the particular area is wrapped by fire and fumes, these cables emit less smoke and acidic gasses, thus are not harmful to the human respiratory system. The persistent cables are life and asset friendly in comparison to the traditional electrical wiring system. Low Smoke Zero Halogen Fire Retardant (LSZH) is also environmentally friendly.

Other unique benefits of Low Smoke – LSZH Cables

  • It has vast halogen-free advantages, as it emits low smoke
  • Improve visibility
  • Increased time to exit the fire area
  • Less intoxicated
  • Less harmful emissions
  • These cables are undoubtedly a safer choice
  • Fewer chances of life loss
  • Environmental friendly than PVC compound

LSZH cables are not suitable for every application

Although cables made using halogenated compounds such as PVC and FEP have been disregarded as hazardous during a fire, LSZH cables are not a universal solution for swapping them for the following reasons. First, PVC and FEP-based cables have benefits too, they may have a slight but a logical plus point over LSZH cables. In open spaces where smoke and gases can disperse quickly, PVC and FEP work well. LSZH cables are expensive than PVC FEP- based cables. In short, LSZH cables are best suited for setups in which traditional cables could be hazardous. They are not envisioned to replace traditional cables in every application.

LSZH cables should be a priority where many cables are installed in a narrowed space and are close to each other. Moreover, where evacuation is restricted, ventilation is poor, and a high voltage is present.

Nafees Cables is just a call away for advice, appointment, and inspection to fix any electrical query or bug.

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