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Top 5 Features of a Good Quality Electrical Wire

There are numerous forms of wires that are manufactures by wide range of materials. One has to be picky while selecting an appropriate wire. The quality of wire matters a lot as its significance cannot be denied at all. Multiple factors have to be taken in account while picking up a right wire such as you have to see its flexibility, weight, abrasion resistance, insulation, longevity and the list goes on.

The role of electrical cables is extremely crucial as it has to ensure whether the conductance is on desired level in an electrical circuit or not. Secondly these cables has to make it sure that in any property the electric circuit may not get overheated.

An electrical wire has to be water and fire resistant. The protection of one’s house is the top most attributes that one thinks of.

If the quality of wiring will be manky and of low quality then it will be a sure threat to all the expensive electrical appliances of your home. For keeping this transparent and flawless you must take it seriously so you can avoid the fatal accidents.

Safety comes first you cannot risk your and others lives so before cherry-picking the electrical wire you must check that it should tick all the right boxes.

What You Need to Know About Electrical Wire

For your convenience we have here amassed top five features of a good quality electrical wire, take a look below:

  1. Higher Quality of Insulation/Sheathing Materials

The electrical wire you choose should have a higher quality insulation. The higher quality it will be the least chance it has to get melted. Don’t compromise on quality, here saving money will be like risking your life. So do consider renowned companies like Nafees Cables for a reliable purchase. Secondly the electrical wire should come with copper coating.

  • Copper wire VS Aluminum

Copper wire always outstands because it is believed to be as best electricity conductors that transmit way better when it comes to conducting electricity. In longer distance Aluminum can suffer with line-losses whereas copper can sustain the current better in this scenario and as Aluminum is cheaper and less reliable in conductivity it has a very less lifespan then a Pure Copper Cable.

  • Longevity

The staying power of electrical wire is one of the key features that one must look for before getting an electrical wire. The finest quality of copper wire keeps the nuisance in form of rust at bay.

  • Armour shield

Armour shield not only ensures the strength of wire rather magnifies it too. It keeps it safe and sound from getting damaged physically because of its steel wires.

  • Energy efficient

A good quality electrical wire has to be energy-efficient too. If it won’t be energy-efficient then it could result in a huge electricity bill.

A buyer has to be very cautious while cherry-picking electrical wire, that’s why one must consider the renowned companies like Nafees Cables that ensure the complete safety of your house. Of course, you will not change the wiring of your valuable property so often, so it’s better to knock the reliable door!

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