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Why is My Power Cable Getting Hot?

Heating power cable is a normal phenomenon. It happens when a certain load current passes through an electrical wire. Moreover, the temperature of the power cable depends on a load of current, and the process should be completed in time to avoid lethal consequences. For instance, a polyvinyl chloride (PVC) cable entails a core temperature of 70 degrees as the upper limit, and the external temperature is 5 to 10 degrees lower. Consequently, the external cable temperature is safe below 60 degrees. When we talk in the context of safety and power supply maintenance, the lower the temperature, the better.

Core reasons for the heating of the cable during maneuver are as follows:

1. When the cable conductor confrontation does not meet the supplies, it would cause the cable to generate heat during operation.

2. The use of improper cable type could be damaging. When the conductor cross-section of the cable to be used is unusually small, and a surplus phenomenon occurs during operation. With the usage of time, the heat generation and heat indulgence of the cable are unhinged to cause heat generation.

3. When there is a lack of ventilation and heat dissipation, cable installation arrangement is compressed and cables are too close with each other the effects would be shown in hot cables.

4. The joint manufacturing technology necessitates brilliance and depends on these factors.

  • Incorrect crimping
  • Contact resistance at the joint is huge which may cause the cable to generate heat.
  • Cable phase insulation performance is not desirable. It results in less insulation resistance; heating will also occur during operation.

6. The fractional casing of the steel-clad cable is damaged. Moreover, water is destructive for the insulation process, resulting in a gradual decrease in the insulation resistance, which will also cause cables to heat up.

When heating cables left untreated

When the defect is not diagnosed with the heating cable, the insulation will break down after continuous energization. When the cable is a phase-to-phase short-circuit trip, it could cause a fire.

Causes and solutions for the plug power cord heating

The power cord is an essential object of our life. Moreover, electrical appliances are inseparable from the power cord. For instance, the heater plug of the water heater is usually caused by a poor socket. At the same time, it is obligatory to take into account the normal healing miracle. If the surface temperature of the plug is less than the ambient temperature plus 50 degrees Celsius, it is normal, safe, and not problematic. If you have experienced atypical heat, you need to consider replacing the socket or checking the plug and socket, while considering the following points

1. Meagre connection between the plug and the socket, plus the high load power, causing the plug to heat up. Such as electric kettles, electric irons, etc.

2. The inner fitting of the new plug is slack, which is caused by the coarse production process.

3. The old plug is used for a long time, and the insulation performance is sullied.

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