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How to Dispose of CFL Bulbs Responsibly

When it comes to well-being and safety everyone considers precautionary measures. CFL stands for compact fluorescent light bulbs that are an upheaval technology to revolutionize homes and business lighting expertise. But as you know technology is always recurring replace by the most transfigured ones. The same has happened with CFLs that are swapped by LEDs (light-emitting diodes). It is pertinent to note that it could be hazardous when disposing of CFLs negligently because it contains a dicey and lethal metal that requires proper relinquishment.

Why it is necessary to recycle CFL Bulbs?

It is our ethical onus to protect the environment to meet hygiene standards. CFLs do not come under the caption of regular trash, and cannot either be dumped in an old recycling bin. So, you have to grasp local recycling amenities to dispose of old CFLs in an eco-friendly style. Mercury is an essential component of CFL bulbs and it allows the bulb to give light. Each bulb contains about 5 milligrams of mercury that is impenetrable within glass plumbing. To make the understanding easier and sensible older thermometers contain about 1,000 milligrams of mercury. That’s why Manufacturers are taking steps to reduce mercury in their fluorescent lighting products; some CFL bulbs now contain as little as 2 milligrams. But it is important to consider safer ways to recycle old CFLs.

There are a few responsible ways to dispose of old CFL bulbs properly and sensibly.

  • Local garbage heave-up service

The easiest way to dispose off the old lighting technology is through the nearby service you are already getting. What you have to do is to make a call to the local garbage lifters and ask about their mercury pickup facility and recycling services. They usually have the option to drop off harmful materials at their facility instead.

  • Retail Stores

Many stores are formerly engaged in a selling business of CFLs now offer a recycling program for those bulbs. They generally provide you the healthy ways to throw the mercury contained lethal stuff, mostly the home improvement stores also offer a dropbox facility near the outlet. You should have a word with them for a better way to dispose of CFLs.

  • Salvaging Program

Generally, cities and towns offer a municipal recycling program, you have to check and see if they agree to take CFLs. In case if they refuse to take old CFL’s then google the options working in your country. They offer baffling services that could be great resources to help you discover places where you can responsibly recycle your old CFL light bulbs locally.

  • The handiest way to dispose of old CFLs

These old-style light globes can safely be disposed of in your regular bunkum way. Just wrap them in a newspaper or other hard wrapping material before tapping them into your waste bin. But it is pertinent to note that firstly you should contact local garbage lifters and municipal services that offer to heave up the stuff for reprocessing. It is the easiest but least considered option to handle CFLs.

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